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codex Alimentarius

Excellent documentary film exposing the truth about CODEX ALIMENTARIUS and how our food is literally poisoning all of us. If you don't know what CODEX ALIMENTARIUS is, you must see this video, as your health and freedom depend on you understanding this complex subject. Plain DVD in plain packaging. Brand new and in MINT condition.



Codex Alimentarius- NUTRICIDE


Never heard of it?

 That's because the faceless, unelected international forces behind it don't want you to- and because a compliant corporate- owned media won't tell you.

Codex is a anti-democratic attempt to overture existing US laws in favor of pharma-friendly international trade rules.

Codex would actually criminalize high dose vitamin C and other common nutritional suppleements, making them as illegal to possess as heroin or cocaine.  Codex would also make mandatory inoculating all the world's animals with growth  hormones and antibiotics, as well as irradiation of all foods not consumed locally and raw.

UN agency studies indicate that if the Codex Vitamin and Mineral Guideline, (VMG), is allowed to go into global effect, a minimum of 1 billion people can be expected to die from simple starvation. At least 2 billion more people can expected to die of the preventable chronic diseases of toxicity and undernutrition the VMG institutionalizes.

Codex has gone into global effect 2011 - unless we wake up, get informed and take united action.


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