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Tom Horn-Apollyon Rising 2012/Steve Quayle/Nephilim/Scientology & Dianetics/9-11




Note: This is NOT a book!

This is an MP3 Format CD set including over 6 brilliant hours with Tom Horn, author of the novel "The Ahriman Gate" and publisher of the Raider News Network site!  Tom Horn is known for his investigative journalism into paranormal phenomena, and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs worldwide, including "Coast to Coast," and "The Edge". 

Hours of Bonus Material Included--see below!

Tom Horn: Masonic Prophecy Revealed: Apollyon Rising 2012

2009, 4 Hours long.  Students of the New World Order conspiracy: Prepare to go to the next level of critical knowledge!  Tom Horn has discovered perhaps the BIGGEST SECRET OF ALL TIME.  The secret societies that we know rule this world have guarded a prophecy for thousands of years.  A prophecy coded into the Great Seal of the United States of America. What does the eagle really represent?

Why is 33 a sacred number to high level Freemasonry?  What is the secret prophecy they are looking to fulfill?  What does the year 2012 have to do with it?  How did many ancient civilizations obtain advanced knowledge of mathematics, architecture, astronomy, and war?  Why did their gods demand human sacrifice?  Why is the Egyptian phallic obelisk found in Washington DC, the Vatican, etc, and why is it such a meaningful symbol to the Illuminati?  The answers are shocking, and these discussions reveal the demonic spirituality that drives the secret societies in charge of our world, and what may lie in our VERY NEAR FUTURE.

Tom Horn & Zeph Daniel: Genetic Engineering & Return of the Nephilim

This is a discussion with Zeph Daniel about military technology, alien technology, mind control,  genetic engineering, transhumanism, and the biblical context of these modern developments.  What is the spiritual reality behind man's attempts to "play god"?  How much truth is hidden in ancient mythology?  Horn discusses the incarnation of fallen angelic entities (called Watchers) and how this might be done.   According to the Bible, it happened before and it will happen again!

Tom Horn & Steve Quayle: Transgenics & Psychotronic Warfare 

Tom Horn and Steve Quayle expand on psychotronic warfare and transgenic super soldiers.  They examine the biblical theme of the Nephilim, the offspring of fallen angels.  Who is the real enemy of mankind?  Is a corrupt, elitist element ruling the human race and working with dark spiritual forces?  Are these forces working to create a new breed of Nephilim today?  Were they responsible for the Old Testament giants?  Why are these creatures needed and how might they be used by Lucifer's angels?  How is angelic technology being used to create a terrible delusion to fool mankind?  Even now we are being conditioned by science fiction and paranormal events!  Only by turning back to God's word can we hope to understand the end time prophetic events unfolding now!

Eric Orion & Greg Szymanski: The Bush Connection

In this interview, Eric Orion discusses his personal relationship with Adolph Hitler’s personal bodyguard Otto Skorzeny, who made a series of confessions to Eric in his advanced age before he died.  He revealed that many of the officially dead Nazi war criminals had lived long lives after WWII and with Vatican help, escaped Germany and moved to the USA where they worked for the CIA.  Did Hitler really commit suicide or did they fake his death and relocate him?  What about Dr Mengele, the "angel of death"?  Orion also discusses the real origin of George H Bush, and his strange ties to genius inventor Nikola Tesla, as well as the ties his father Prescott Bush had with the Nazis during WWII.  In a humorous aside, Orion reveals the origin of “Curious George” the monkey; was he named after George H Bush?  

The Tony Gambino Interviews: A High Level Mafia Boss Speaks

Forget the Sopranos!  Forget The Godfather!  In two interviews, Tony Gambino, grandson of “Lucky” Lucciano, tells it like it is!  On parole after serving 19 years in prison, Tony Gambino talks about his life, his connections, and the behind-the-scenes power plays that shape our world.   How did the Mafia influence Hollywood and which big name actors got their start after producers got “an offer they couldn’t refuse”?  Mr. Gambino also discusses the assassinations of JFK, Marilyn Monroe, and Jimmy Hoffa (right down to where he is buried!)  He also reveals inside information about American politics, the Vatican-Syndicate connections, the CIA, FBI, and the 9-11 attacks on the Twin Towers!  You’ve never heard anything like this!

Texe Marrs Presents: Scientology and the Age of Dianetics

Ever wonder where the word "Dianetics" came from?  What is the root word in Dianetics and what does it reveal?  Interestingly, the Scientologists have produced a video exposing the fraud of psychiatry called "Industry of Death".  Are they creating a debate between two false solutions?  This is a typical New World Order tactic--the real solutions are never addressed!

From Texe Marrs:
"The Church of Scientology is one of the fastest growing religions in the world. Attracting movie stars and celebrities like Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Kirstie Alley, Scientology is now an international powerhouse of New Age spirituality. Who was L. Ron Hubbard, founder and messiah of this booming, 21st century cult? Was he a disciple of British Satanist Aleister Crowley? What is the science of "Dianetics" espoused by Hubbard? What do Scientologists believe? Do they imagine themselves "gods on earth?" Do they teach that extraterrestrial beings from outer space seeded mankind on this planet…and are soon coming back to rule over us?"

What about reports of their worship of a huge idol? Why did the IRS approve Scientology as a 501(c)3 tax exempt Church? Do the CIA and FBI secretly run the Church of Scientology? Could a person be risking his very life by joining this cult? Science fiction explodes into reality, Texe Marrs reports in this exclusive, two-part series. Find out why some are calling Scientology the "world’s most dangerous religion."


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