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  Iron Mountain, and UFOs (DVD)

 a fascinating and informative presentation on the title topic which connects the UFO and alien phenomenon to a conspiracy going all the way back to Babylon. This anti-God conspiracy has never changed its goals and is going stronger than ever today. It has been passed from one empire to the next, and only now is this empire close to consolidating the entire planet. See how this New World Order network is revealed by insider Carol Quigley in his book, Tragedy and Hope. But this program does not try to prove the conspiracy exists--that has already been done. This program moves beyond that into the meaning of today's strangest developments and what the future holds.

Has the mark of the beast technology been created already? What are the horns of the beast?  How does Hollywood use good and bad aliens to brainwash the masses? What hidden messages are being sent by movies and programs like E.T., Independence Day, War of the Worlds, and Star Trek?  How are these messages preparing the masses to embrace alien genesis theology, demonic ascended masters, and the New Age Christ?  What massive deception could cause the world to come together politically as well as economically?  What does Bible prophecy warn us about an End Time falling away in the church?  Will there be a False Tribulation with signs and wonders and even a False Rapture leading up to a False Christ?  Crucial information to resist the "strong delusions" to come!



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